51-Day Animation Challenge
Day #2 - Ball Bouncing across the screen
Alright…I’m a little slow at keeping up with this…but to be fair I’ve been working on other things, too! I’m going to try to, whenever I’m gonna work on animations, use these as warm-ups. 
I had a little trouble with the timing, and I still don’t think it’s quite right. The bounces feel a little “choppy” imo. 
Welp, gonna try to model me a Dandy.

Let’s see how long it takes for me to hate myself over this.
Started working on a portrait of Daenerys (my wife). Thought I’d toss up a WIP!
#Storyboards #doinwork
That’s the kind of face that says “Someone’s about to get rekt”
Guess who
“You have one hour…”
Reaching out.

I’m gonna start trying to use a larger variation of Photoshop brushes, since I’ve mostly been using the default brush up until now.
Nothing quite as fun as going to #pigeonforge drawing random people as they walk by. #sketchbook #myarts
RT if ur a real 90s kid.