Really old sketchbook drawing, but it’s better than nothin!

Let’s see how Tumblr screws this gif up

Another (week)daily sketchbook post. Hooray for consistency!

Cartoons are for dumb little kids but if I happened to make one this is what a screenshot would look like.


Idk just some drawings

Gonna try to post sketchbook pics everyday. (That probably jinxed me so dont expect it to happen)


(Also pay no attention to the fact that this is completely out of character for Asuka)

Since so many people asked (AKA No one did) Here’s some sketchbook doodles

C’mon guys I don’t always just reblog stuff and post about my waifu. Sometimes I draw superheroes for my friends.

Animation Major at Ball State

Just a little collection of my personal stuff, things I like, art, faith, friends, and re-blogs.
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