Even though I haven’t really uploaded anything…I swear I’ve been working these past few days!
51-Day Animation Challenge
Day #8 - Flower Sack Waving
Ah, the classic flour sack exercises.

I hate them.
51-Day Animation Challenge
Day #5 -Character Blinking
I wanted to try out a different eye-style than I normally use, so I tried looking at sketches of Anna from “Frozen” for reference. It might be a bit too “squishy”, but I’m still pretty pleased with the outcome! 
51-Day Animation Challenge
Day #5 - Character Head Turn With Anticipation
Here’s this goober. Too bad this isn’t the blink exercise because I like that first one. I also tried using sketchier lines this time. I may try to do a full animation with that kind of line quality, just to try it out. I’m not sure yet.
51-Day Animation Challenge
Day #4 - Simple character head turn

Woot, woot, 3 days in a row! Not too much to explain with this one, just a character turning his head. I’m happy with how the arc turned out, but if you noticed at the end his head stops really abruptly, like he’s smacked into a wall, haha. The next exercise is another head turn, so I’m gonna have to work on that!
51-Day Animation Challenge
Day #3 -Brick falling from a shelf onto the ground
This was trickier than doing a ball bounce, as brinks don’t typically bounce at all. You’ve also got to show the weight of it once it hits the ground, and make it look like it actually weighs as much as a brick does. I’m pretty proud of this one!
For all your face-palming needs.
51-Day Animation Challenge
Day #1 - Ball Bouncing in Place, No Decay
Starting things off with a bang! Or rather…a bounce. Just a simple, vanilla ball bounce. It’s pretty fun how, even though this is arguably the most basic of animation exercises, I spent an incredible time tweaking this. I’m still not completely pleased with it….there’s something “off” about it that I just can’t put my finger on. But that’s alright, Hopefully by the time I get through these I’ll be skilled enough to tell what it is!
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idk another animation test
Sunset ride.
I had to cut this from my 11-Second Club entry, but I really liked it so here’s a pair of chopsticks getting RIPPED APART.