Really old sketchbook drawing, but it’s better than nothin!

Another (week)daily sketchbook post. Hooray for consistency!

Since so many people asked (AKA No one did) Here’s some sketchbook doodles

Come watch me draw stuff and listen to weeaboo music.

If you make and post original art of your own please let me know and I will follow and support you and your art because I feel all of us artists need to do that to help each other out 

I said I’d upload a character design so here it is. I don’t have a name for him yet.

Also, what would be a good name for a series about a guy with an alien roommate? And they’re both trying to keep him a secret?

Another animation test! I’ve been trying to work on lip movements/shape. 

Thought I should save and post this sketch before I ruin it with the linework.

If you don’t think Mako is the tightest character ever then get outta my face.

More drawings for a Character Design assignment.

Animation Major at Ball State

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