(I don’t know how this happened, I swear.)
Started back on a comic I was doing back in high school/middle school. Pretty much just for fun and a little something to keep my drawing skills up on the side so that I don’t get rusty. This is the page I uploaded today. It’s a giant crossover story, so I’ll get the chance to draw in a ton of different styles, so that’ll be good practice. Anyway, here’s a link if any is interested in starting over from the beginning.
Only about a chapter and a half are uploaded now, but I already had 20+ chapters drawn out back in high school, so the story is pretty much set already. I just need to redraw them with my current level and upload them.

EDIT: DeviantArt link: http://fav.me/d2kaaek
A fair warning…since I had already started this in high school, the art in the first 1 1/2 chapters will be pretty sub-par. Halfway through Chapter #2 it picks up.
Baby got back
i drawz good
"Oh…hey Yogi…"
Feels Great to get all this Work Done!

Met with Zach today and finished up nearly all the voicework for “Stillborn” episode 1! With this, we can finally start getting the animation underway! I worked on the backgrounds of one scene, and I’m going to be working on some more detailed storyboards in the comings weeks to plot out the animation better! This is really coming along, so stay tuned!

Also, we recorded all the lines for a less serious parody I thought of the other day. It’s…pretty stupid, but hopefully it’ll turn out well! 

This Summer is turning out to be more productive than I could have ever hoped for!

Here’s the “Stillborn” title card!



Garfield meets Silent Hill? Idk what am I even doing anymore but at least I laughed.

What is this place?
Working on another animation!