(Almost) Finished linework on a shot.
I dunno why .gif exports get messed up colors…but eh well.
What a cute couple….I hope nothing bad happens to them…
Here, you guys can have a WIP of what I was working on earlier.

Even though none of you went to the livestream.

Animating is fun.

Finally Finished!
If you haven’t seen Wreck-It Ralph yet, then get off your keister right now and do so.
i drawz good
Feels Great to get all this Work Done!

Met with Zach today and finished up nearly all the voicework for “Stillborn” episode 1! With this, we can finally start getting the animation underway! I worked on the backgrounds of one scene, and I’m going to be working on some more detailed storyboards in the comings weeks to plot out the animation better! This is really coming along, so stay tuned!

Also, we recorded all the lines for a less serious parody I thought of the other day. It’s…pretty stupid, but hopefully it’ll turn out well! 

This Summer is turning out to be more productive than I could have ever hoped for!

Here’s the “Stillborn” title card!

Finished this up for Zach tonight!