How to Win an Argument on Tumblr: That offends me, so you’re wrong.


I’ll have you know only half of my followers are hentai/spam blogs.




so i get this message in my inbox 


so i check out her blog 


and then i see this one very lovely post made by this chick 


bitch please enlighten me as to how posting pictures of half naked girls is better than posting something that makes people laugh and cheer them up. 

i leave it up to all of you to decide her punishment for disrespecting your fandoms and dissing the amazing humour/fandom blogs that exist on this website 

nice faq you got there


Who cares? Yeah, that hipster blog posting that comment was necessary, but it’s even more embarrassing that you actually took the time to go through her blog to find things to post about. Then, she ended up being 14 years old, and you still went through with it. How pathetic is that? Let them post what they want, nothing is wrong with either blog types. It all boils down to who actually runs them.

For example, you two, from what I gather from this post, are bad examples from both groups. Typing crap about the other, while trying to prove one is “better” than the other. Get off it, already. They can both serve a good purpose. I follow some humor/fandom blogs and, yes, they all have great/funny things that cheer me up. I also follow some “hipster” blogs that have a ton of great fashion/art references. And guess what? All the blog owners I follow are great people who don’t rag on the other kinds of blogs.

Learn to get along or just don’t bother with each other. Feuding and talking crap like this is just pathetic.

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Anyone know of some good fashion blogs?

I need some good references. I’ve realized recently that I suck at coming up with creative wardrobes for characters.

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Up to 100 followers! Thank you so much everyone!

I’ve had a great time here on Tumblr posting and (hopefully) getting steadily better with my art…and an even GREATER time seeing all the other talent artist who are “HOLYCRAPHNNNGGG” amazing! You guys are all an inspiration and I couldn’t ask for a better place to be (Besides maybe at the pulpit with Jenna Fischer/Maggie Gyllenhaal/Ayumi Hamasaki)!

Stick around, don’t be afraid to send me a greeting or something, and keep watching me as I improve on my art!

You’re all awesome! God Bless!

Changed up my Theme a bit.

Not too much. Just the background/header, and I made the text a bit easier to read.

Feel free to peruse around!

This little “project” is really gonna happen!

Alright, so (among other various projects) I’ve been working on a Tumblr-related thing lately, and it’s coming along really well. I dunno if I’ve said so or not, but it’s an ask blog. I know those aren’t uncommon and the idea itself isn’t “original”, but I’ve seen a lot of good ones, and it looks really fun to do! So I’ve decided to do one myself.

I won’t reveal who it’s for, just yet, but I will say that, to the best of my knowledge, there isn’t one for this character yet. But they are pretty well-known, and hopefully I’m a good enough fan to do it correctly! I only have 3 weeks left until the semester ends, so things will get hectic with finals and everything. Hopefully, though, I’ll be able to polish this up and start it once school lets out, maybe even a tad before, everyone keep your fingers crossed!